#Welivewater- New Boardworks Product From Outdoor Retailer

I just spent the last couple of days at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City with the Boardworks Surf Team. The is the second time I have been down to OR with Boardworks. I always enjoy connecting with the Boardworks Surf family and getting a chance to test new product, talk to retailers and share the #welivewater stoke with people.

I just wanted to showcase some of the NEW PRODUCT for late 2014/2015.

Touring and Fitness
Length: 12’6″
Width: 29.5″
Thickness: 7″
Volume: 285L

To me this was the standout new product Boardworks will be offering for 2015. Our 10’2 and 9’9″ Kraken paddle surf boards proved to be so successful and people loved the Kraken graphics so much that we added three more boards to this line. The 12’6 Kraken touring board is going to fill a hole in our touring line up. Our 12’6 award winning Raven touring board is one of our most popular selling boards and has carried the bulk of our touring and expedition line but look out for the Kraken. The 12’6 Kraken paddles beautifully with its sleek lines, longer water line and Eradicator style nose that eats up flatwater. This board is stable on the tail is will be a joy to paddle, the flatwater masses will love, love, love this new addition to our already extensive expedition line including the Raven’s and Great Bears which will still dominate on the ocean and in really choppy conditions but this board should sell like hot cakes next season.

Length: 12’6″
Width: 29.5
Thickness: 7″
Volume: 285L

This is another new touring and fitness training model Boardworks is offering for the 2015 season. It has the same dimensions as the 12’6″ Kraken and has a graphics package inspired by the old super sport muscle cars. It sort of reminds me of my Hot Wheels set I got as a kid for Christmas. This board paddled really well and it was stable, allowing for very quick and efficient pivots turns. This board could also be used for those looking to get into recreational racing with it’s flatwater efficiency and stability in choppy conditions.

Length: 12′
Width: 21″
Thickness: 8.75″
Volume: 237L

With the recent popularity of prone paddleboarding Boardworks worked with renowned shaper Jon Henderson to come up with a super efficient and fast paddleboard that can be used as an incredible training and fitness board supplementing time on your standup paddleboard. I am personally excited with this addition and I will be picking one up for the 2015 season to use for my own standup paddleboard training. This prone paddleboard will be a lot of fun on those epic downwind days in Howe Sound. Grab one and start training for the 2015 Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard race.

Paddle Surf

Length: 9’3″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.25″
Volume: 136L
Fins: 2 + 1

I love my 9’9″ Kraken with it’s incredible stability and surf performance. With that said I have always wanted the Kraken to be a little more narrow. Well this season a lot of us got our wish as BW added this board to it’s lineup. As of now these boards are not in stock yet but I cannot wait to pick one of these up. I think this will be a incredible surf board for our Canadian paddle surf scene and I will be excited to test it out during our paddle surf course in Tofino this fall and for the first paddle surf contest in Tofino October 26th.
This video showcases the Kraken well but only references the original two sizes. 2015 will have the 9’3″, 11′ and 12’6″ added to it’s line up.

Length: 11′
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.75″
Volume: 199L
Fins 2 + 1

This is a beautiful all arounder and I did have a chance to test this one. It is a stable coastal cruiser and one that has surf inspired design like all of the Kraken line except the 12’6″ I think those who enjoy an all around paddle surf board but still want a board that surfs well then this is it. The board will be great for beginners wanting to get into surfing yet will satisfy the experience paddle surfer with it’s long board feel. I will be picking up at least one for sure to use for myself and to have available for those in my Tofino paddle surf courses.

Length: 9’11”
Width: 33″
Thickness: 4.75″
Volume: 197L
Fins: Single

This board brings the yoga lifestyle onto the water and is the perfect piece of equipment for your sup yoga and fitness practice. Team Rider Jessica Cichra loves this board with it’s attractive bamboo deck, “yoga mat” style pad made of comfortable, non-chaffing, soft croc- skin eva and multiple tie downs for gear and “yoga” stuff.

Length: 9′
Width: 26.25″
Thickness: 4″
Volume: 115L
Fins: Single

New for 2015 this board has the perfect scaled down dimensions for smaller paddlers and a deck plug up front so that a child can be towed. Soft on the top and rails for extra comfort, safety and durability this board is part of our popular Bray line.

Width: 40″
Deck Thickness: 6″
Rail Height: 7″
Fins: 2 + 1

The badfish guys are at it again. Inspired by Mike T and the world famous Shred Dog Badfish has created the RiverShred that combines the stability of the MCIT up front with the tail performance of a single chamber on the back. Tested heavily by the Badfish team this board will appeal to first time river paddlers and the experienced rivershredder looking to take on more challenging objectives.

Length: 7’2″
Width” 33″
Deck Thickness: 6″
Rail Height: 6″
Fins: Tri Fin Removeable

It’s not the tax man it’s Badfish’s newest inflatable river surfer. Short, stable and fast this board will be used to shred local river waves at your park and play destinations. Just another innovative product by Mike Harvey and Zack Hughes. Check out the new IRS.

Length: 6’6″
Width: 33″
Deck Thickness: 6″
Rail Height: 6″
Fins: FCS Tri

I saw this board up close and personal. It’s a beautifully crafted sup made from Boardworks new Carbon Innegra. Mike and Zach wanted to create a short, higher volume, river surfing SUP that would shred the smallest, tightest river waves. Shorter and wider than the 6’11” the Cobra has a reduced chine similar to the MVP with a higher volume tail you surf on without falling off the wave. This board is all about fun making even the smallest days on the river some of your best.

Length: 12’6 Narrow 12’6 Stock 14′
Width: 26″ 28.25 27.25
Thickness 7″ 7″ 7″
Volume: 259L 279L 301L

I think these are some of the hottest and fastest looking race boards out there. I just received my custom Eradicator and I am really looking forward to testing it out and attacking some fall races with it. Our team riders Cyril Bruigere, Mike Tavares, Del DaSilva, Mike Howes and the rest of the crew have been loving the Eradicators. These boards will be available in two constructions, our new carbon Innegra which is very light and very durable and in the US made Carbon construction.

Length: 11′
Width: 35″
Thickness: 5″
Volume: 253L

For 2015 Boardworks is offering the 11′ by 35′ wide Tracker. I tested this board and it paddles well and is a very stable fishing platform. It has a beautiful deep double concave running throughout the bottom which adds great secondary stability, tracking and speed. There are ample ties down for all of your fishing equipment. The Board Fisher compliments this board perfectly. The Safari is the ultimate sup gear box. It comes with rod holders, paddle pocket, ample exterior pockets and an large unobstructed interior to hold most anything used for exploring, camping and fishing.

THESE ARE JUST THE NEW PRODUCTS!! Check out our full line up at Boardworks Surf. We have also added new paddles, board bags and other cool accessories for SUP.

With all of these new products there is no doubt that Boardworks Surf has one of the best and most extensive product lines in the industry. We have amazing sup’s in each category. “Here at Boardworks we are passionate about all things to do with the ocean and water lifestyle we all embrace. Our goal is to share that passion, to promote respect for the planet, it’s creatures and each other and to make surfing and standup paddle more fun for more people.” – Mike Fox, Owner.


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