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Conservation of our coastlines, rainforests, and coastal communities is at my core. There are several ways our partners, guests, and myself have taken a stand to protect our environment and people. They include the Standup4Greatbear Expedition and film, Take A Stand: Youth for Conservation educational program, sponsored products and donations from our partners, the award winning STAND film, speaking engagements, and through the sale of Stand and Standup4Greatbear Expedition Merchandise.

The Standup4Greatbear Expedition

In May 2010 I, along with sea kayaker Brian Huntington of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, stand up paddled the proposed Enbridge oil tanker route through the Great Bear Rainforest from the north coast Haisla community of Kitimaat, south 400 km to the Heiltsuk village of Bella Bella. My goal was to bring awareness to the threat of these tankers to the wildlife and pristine marine ecosystems of the Great Bear and to highlight the traditional food harvesting areas of the coastal First Nation’s communities along the route. It was a spectacular and moving experience for Brian and I and the experience left us more inspired about the sacredness of our coastline. We were supported and guided by each nation, whose territory we were travelling through. We visited my adopted community of Hartley Bay and travelled to the Kitasoo village of Klemtu along some of the most biologically rich shorelines in the world. We paddled with Killer Whales and Humpbacks and were shown culturally significant areas including burial sites, petroglyphs and pictographs. From this expedition the Standup4Greatbear Society was born.

Watch the StandUp4GreatBear documentary here.


The Mission:


The Society also supports environmental, educational and youth-related projects in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Our goal is to continue to build awareness and respect for this special area so that future generations will experience the place as those who have come before.

The mission of the Standup4Greatbear Society is to promote the education, awareness and protection of the Great Bear Rainforest and the Great Bear Sea through speaking engagements, school presentations and ongoing conservation expeditions.

For more information on school programs visit Take a Stand for Conservation



An honor that was presented to the StandUp4Greatbear Society by friend, accomplished artist, and activist, Roy Henry Vickers.

“The face in the center represents those who are willing to make a stand for our mother earth. A gray mist on the seas face and a gray dawn breaking, is the reason for the choice of gray. The circle represents the cycle of life and the overlapping circles that continue through our lives. The spirit bear represents the natural world and reminds us that what we do to this world affects all life in this world. The tree represents life and the forest that depends on our actions. The bear tracks remind us of a life’s journey and, in the grand scheme of things, it is short. What we do makes a difference in the world, the tracks we leave can lead others to stand up for truth, beauty, and strength of our ancestors. This creation is inspired by Norman Hann and his choice to stand up for truth, strength and beauty.”
– Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers is a Canadian artist best known around the world for his limited edition prints. He is also an accomplished carver, design advisor of prestigious public spaces, a sought-after keynote speaker, and publisher and author of several successful books. He is a recognized leader in the First Nations community and has received many awards and honours for his art and community involvement.



In 2012 I was approached by filmmaker Anthony Bonello who wanted to bring the message of the oil tanker threat to our coastline and its people to a larger audience. STAND is a multiple award winning documentary which takes viewers on a journey through the waters of British Columbia’s west coast. Through the stories of the Heiltsuk high school students building their own standup paddleboards as a form of protest, the powerful surfing of iconic west coast native Raph Bruhwiler and my expedition to the watchman sites of Haida Gwaii, the diversity of people, landscape and wildlife that would be affected by an oil spill is shared. STAND will take you to the core of the issue and unfurl the soul of B.C.’s west coast one paddle stroke at a time.
STAND is now available for rent or purchase on Vimeo here

Speaking Engagements

I love to speak about the Great Bear Rainforest and inspire others through sharing my personal stories and connections about the place and it’s people. Please contact me explore@normhann.com if you would like to discuss how I can engage people at your event. Below is a list of some of the past presentations and events I have spoken at:
  • F.E.A.T (Featuring Expeditions and Adventure Talks)
  • Mountain Life’s MULTIPLICITY
  • Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
  • Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

How You Can Take a Stand

Direct donations are accepted here. Also check out some of the STAND and Standup4Greatbear merchandise for sale on our shop page where all proceeds goes to the Standup4Greatbear Society to continue to help protect our environment.

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