I was excited and honoured to sit down with Todd Howard, owner of Pacific Rim College in Victoria, B.C. for his inaugural Salish Wolf Podcast. The inspiration for Todd’s podcast is from a wolf named Takaya who gained global fame for living alone for nearly a decade on a tiny archipelago in the Salish Sea.

We are excited to release our Blackfish Paddles short film called Howe Sound produced by Kelsey Thompson of Lee Visuals. I have been working with Blackfish Paddles for the last three years and using their paddles for all of my standup paddleboarding expeditions, tours and races. Blackfish owner, David Smart is located right here in

This past April I had the opportunity to be a part of the Mountain Life Multiplicity Speakers series in Whistler as part of the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival. It was an incredible event to be a part of and I was excited to share the stage with so many great speakers and people that

My Standup4Greatbear Society would like to thank Werner Paddles and their Healthy Waters program for the donation to the Standup4Greatbear Society. The Healthy Waters program donates to those who protect where we paddle and Standup4Greatbear was honoured to be one of the recipients of this years awards. A big thanks goes to Nikki Rekman of

FROM THE MAG | WATER WARRIORS | NORM HANN PADDLERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE ECOSYSTEM By Eugene Buchanan Funny, but at birth, we’re not given much actual substance. Sure we receive a few treasures, like our parents and their DNA, if we’re lucky, and siblings and grandmas and grandpas. But mostly, we’re given things.

We are excited to have launched our Take a Stand: Youth for Conservation Program. This is a partnership between Simon Fraser University and the Stand film team, including myself, Nicolas Teichrob and Anthony Bonello. If your school is interested in participating in this engaging program please contact our program co-ordinator listed in brochure below. Our

The Stand film team was recently excited to hear that a deal had been made with tv giant Netflix to showcase Stand under the documentary category. So if you have Netflix sit down with your family and friends and enjoy. Nic, Anthony, Raph, the Bella Bella woodworking students and all those involved including myself are

Recently I had the honour of presenting as part of the MEC FEAT evening of speakers. Thanks to Sean Verret, the organizer who invited me to share my story and sup expedition from Haida Gwaii. FEAT, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks, is an annual evening of time-limited presentations. Each presenter speaks for seven minutes; no

  This year our expedition and paddling team of six clients headed up to the Great Bear Rainforest a little early due to the future arrival of our baby on September 11th. Jen was disappointed that she had to stay home this year. Jen usually guides with me on the trip but she had more

Carey Misler’s new film, The Canadian Surf Movie has been completed and screenings will start soon. Big thanks to Carey for showcasing the protection of the Great Bear Rainforest. Here is a clip from the movie with some old Standup4Greatbear footage. Thanks to Boardworks Surf Canada.