When it comes to knowing how to pack for a SUP trip—no matter how many days you’re heading out for—Norm Hann and Bruce Kirkby are the go-to pros to learn how to prep and pack for any standup paddling trip.  They met in 2012 and have been heading out for adventures and expeditions together, and with groups, ever

I just wanted to post up this really great blog by the Mustang Survival, the company I work with for PFD’s, Drybags, Paddling Clothing and Drysuits and more. This article gives some great information on one of the most common questions I get for those coming into the sport of standup paddleboarding here in Canada,

One of the questions I get asked the most is,  “What type of clothing system do you wear in spring and fall for standup paddleboarding?” I have put this youtube video together to go over a clothing system that you can use when the probability of going in the water is low. If you thought

Product Overview from the Sunova Site: SUNOVA CREEK The CREEK received its name from our good friend Mr. Rick Weeks aka SUPTHECREEK. Over the last 4 years Rick has become somewhat of our master tester and approver of our SUP surf SUP range. With his intensive knowledge of all other SUPs on the market and his

Overview This is a paddle that has a design deep in story, history and coastal legend and is a partnership between Norm Hann Expeditions and Blackfish Paddles. These paddles can only be purchased through Norm Hann Expeditions and showcases the incredible artwork of Cash Bo Smith and Roy Henry Vickers in combination with industry leading

One of the questions I get asked the most is what to wear standup paddleboarding. It can be a bit of tough question since it requires a few more questions of my own like. Where are you paddling? What season is it? What is the water temperature? What is your experience? and looking at the

Light, Quick and Ocean Fast Hybrid For 2017 I have partnered with Blackfish Paddles as an athlete ambassador with their company being based right here in Squamish, B.C. Blackfish Paddles design, manufacture and distribute high quality, handcrafted SUP paddles. All their blades and handles are handcrafted in Thailand using the highest quality materials. Their manufacturing processes

“With a little preparation and the right equipment there is no off season.” Paddling in the winter can be an amazing and beautiful time to get out with less crowds, picturesque winter scenes, and quiet, calm moments. The key to winter paddling is making sure that you are well prepared. I have complied a few

From Boardworks Boardworks proudly offers the Great Bear. In collaboration with Canadian team ambassador, Norm Hann, this SUP is designed to be the ultimate tour and expedition board. Features: * Evolved from the Raven platform, the Great Bear is thinner throughout the hull and wider in the tail for extra stability * The nose shape

I have had a few people asking me about my thoughts on Ocean Rodeo’s drysuits so I thought I would take the time here to do a review. After seeing them on the market for a few years I finally got my hands on their Soul Drysuit without the attached booties a couple of years

I have been asked by a number of people what i think about my Surftech Joe Bark Expedition board. I recently wrote a response to a fellow SUPer in So Cal so i thought i would copy my response here so others can see it. “To start with, I love my JoeBark Expedition board. I