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The Kraken SUP’s have been so popular that we added 3 new models to the line for 2015.

The 9’3″, 9’9″ and 10’3″ are extra wide providing incredible stability for paddlers of all sizes and abilities. These models feature pulled in nose and tail design with thinned out rails allowing for excellent surf performance. They are also a great choice for recreational flatwater cruising.

Constructed with Boardworks EPX-V construction. All Kraken models equipped with LiftSup handles.


Length: 9’3″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.25″
Volume: 136L
Fins: Fins 2 + 1


Low Down:

I have been testing the 9’9″ Kraken for over a year now and have really enjoyed the stability and ease of catching waves. For the full review on the 9’9″ see the review here. Due to the popular success and good looks of the Kraken line, the 9’3″ and 11′ was added. Boardworks also has a new 12’6 touring boat coming for the 2015 season. I recently picked up the 9’3″ for our paddle surf course in Tofino this past October and was excited to try it out. With the shorter length and 2″ less width this board was really fun to surf in all conditions. I first tested the board on some peaky rights and I had a lot of fun with it. Here are a few features that I really liked on this board.

Stability: The main benefit to the Kraken surf line is the stability. It was solid underfoot inspiring confidence getting out through the break and it gave a great platform to get up and over the waves, stomping the nose down as the whitewater rolled through. The board also provided that critical stability when getting into the wave. Designer Phil Rainey has added good nose and tail rocker throughout the board, a more traditional rocker than what you would see on BW Mini MOD’s allowing for good drops and wave catching success. I had a number of clients demo this board and all enjoyed the ease found in catching waves. If you surf in an area that tends to be windy and more turbulent, like Tofino, then you will appreciate the stability. More stability also decreases fatigue, allowing to stay out longer and enjoy more waves. The shorter length and added rocker does make the board yaw back and forth much easier but a good pulling draw will compensate for that.

Trevor Peterson/Paddle for PTSD with his 9’9″

Turnability (is that a word?): With the solid rocker design built into the board and the foiled, low volume tail this board turned on a dime. Being used to the 9’9″ Kraken and the 9’6″ Mini Mod, I loved the responsiveness when you stepped on the tail with good wave speed. I found that as the waves got steeper and faster these Kraken’s really started to surf well. With the Krakens being a wider board, the speed generated by bigger, steeper waves allowed for the design properties of the Kraken to really start working.

BW Team Manager Mike T shredding dusk.

Weight: With the TEC V (veneer) construction and stepping down from the 9’9″ Kraken and the 9’6″ Mini Mod the board was certainly lighter which not only made it easier to carry, especially with the LiftSup handle, but it also had good swing weight on the wave and was felt quicker in the transitions. The board looks to be around 22 lbs and it seems to be a really combination of weight and durability. I have had a lot of people on the 9’9″ and it has held up really well.

The board comes with a 2 plus 1 fin set up and the ability to surf it as a quad. It tested it out as a 2 plus 1 but our team manager Mike Tavares has been surfing it as a quad and really enjoyed his small water shredding with it.

Final Word: The 9’3″ is a great addition to the Kraken line. This is super stable and fun board that turns on a dime. Those looking to step down in size from their larger paddle surf boards will love this model. Like all Kraken’s they are beautiful to look at and come with a diamond deck and kick pad. This could also be a good choice for the great lakes surfers who require rocker for the shorter, wind blown wave lengths, ample volume, and stability yet without compromise to performance. Visit your local retailer to try one out.



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