Explore your Coastline. Those words are central to every experience we offer through Norm Hann Expeditions. But Is there really anything left to explore in an age where everywhere, and everything about everywhere, is virtually at our fingertips? When everything has been mapped, charted, photographed, measured, peopled and documented already, what does it really mean

As the holidays approach it is really nice to curl up in front of the fire place with a good book. I have reached out to some of our guides, friends and family of Norm Hann Expeditions to share their top book selections of 2022 for your enjoyment. Support your local books stores if you

Big thanks to my paddling partner Bruce Kirkby who has added a number of D rings to his Starboard Touring Inflatables and thought this article would be useful if you are looking to add rear or additional attachment point to your boards. From Bruce: ” I’ve added attachments to 4 boards now, and have learned

This past July I got an excited call from my paddling partner, Bruce Kirkby, about joining me for the second of our two paddling trips to the Broughton Archipelago. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if we just paddled back to your new house in Royston.” I knew this meant tackling the infamous Johnstone Strait, and

As we work our way into the summer of 2021, Norm Hann Expeditions continues to grow thanks to amazing guests like you. We’ve added more guides and instructors and I thought this would be a great time to introduce our team. My goal at Norm Hann Expeditions has always been to share our passion for

I was excited recently to sit down with Explore Magazine Editor and host of the Live the Adventure Podcast, David Webb and my expedition partner Bruce Kirkby to discuss multi day expedition stand up paddleboard touring. In This Episode You’ll Discover: Why should anyone trystand-up paddleboarding? What are the capabilities of this modern craft? How

My First Flight into the Great Bear Rainforest I will never forget the first time I saw the sun shining on Princess Royal Island, the fourth largest island on the B.C coast and deep in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. This island holds some of the last remaining coastal temperate rainforest in the

This past spring my partner Jen and I were looking at a John Kimantis’s Sea to Sky Marine Trail map and a smaller inset map on the foldout showed the route of the larger Salish Sea Marine trail from Vancouver to Victoria. Jen, born and raised on Vancouver Island announced, “We should do that.” I

This past April I had the opportunity to be a part of the Mountain Life Multiplicity Speakers series in Whistler as part of the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival. It was an incredible event to be a part of and I was excited to share the stage with so many great speakers and people that

My Standup4Greatbear Society would like to thank Werner Paddles and their Healthy Waters program for the donation to the Standup4Greatbear Society. The Healthy Waters program donates to those who protect where we paddle and Standup4Greatbear was honoured to be one of the recipients of this years awards. A big thanks goes to Nikki Rekman of

I am honoured this year to be part of the Vancouver team paddling Monster and Sea’s 24, a 24 hr paddle to raise money for those local families struggling with cancer. The 24 was created by Troy Nebeker of Monster & Sea as another way to give back to those families and individuals in need

So I have signed up to race the 717 km Yukon River Quest. This is the first year the organizers have opened up the race to standup paddleboards. I was excited when I got an email from my SUP Yukon buddy Stu Knaack asking me if I would be interested in competing and before the

FROM THE MAG | WATER WARRIORS | NORM HANN PADDLERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE ECOSYSTEM By Eugene Buchanan Funny, but at birth, we’re not given much actual substance. Sure we receive a few treasures, like our parents and their DNA, if we’re lucky, and siblings and grandmas and grandpas. But mostly, we’re given things.

Last year Norm Hann Expeditions had the opportunity to run the first ever sup expedition in Belize with Island Expeditions. Writer Steven Threndyle was on that trip and his recent article just appeared in this weekends Globe and Mail. If your interested in coming to paddle with us in Belize this year check out our

From Boardworks Boardworks proudly offers the Great Bear. In collaboration with Canadian team ambassador, Norm Hann, this SUP is designed to be the ultimate tour and expedition board. Features: * Evolved from the Raven platform, the Great Bear is thinner throughout the hull and wider in the tail for extra stability * The nose shape

Join Norm Hann Expeditions and Sea to Sky Air for this incredible alpine lake standup paddleboard experience. Our trip leaves from the Squamish airport where our inflatable paddleboards will be loaded up for a stunning and scenic 20 minute flight through the Tantalus Range on our way to remote and beautiful Phantom Lake. Once there

We are excited to be offering some new courses, fun trips and solid sup training for the 2015 season. Here are some details. TOUR & EXPLORE TOFINO Interested in gaining more ocean experience while enjoying the incredible SUP touring in Tofino? This course will improve your coastal touring skills and decision making for paddleboarding on

SUP THE MAG Cold climates breed hardy folks. The weather dictates how they live their lives. But there are always those special souls who venture out regardless of the conditions. Norm Hann is among the hardy. And he faces winter’s worst with a paddle in is hands. “I take pride in being a Canadian paddler”

The Belize SUP expedition was born over a year ago when I was invited by Island Expeditions owner Tim Boys to come down to Belize to take part in their week long training program and to introduce standup paddle boarding to the company. It was my first time in Belize and I was impressed by