The Creek Review – A Legend Born

Product Overview from the Sunova Site:


The CREEK received its name from our good friend Mr. Rick Weeks aka SUPTHECREEK. Over the last 4 years Rick has become somewhat of our master tester and approver of our SUP surf SUP range. With his intensive knowledge of all other SUPs on the market and his never effected time for constant 10 hours testing days this judgement is very much appreciated to us.

Over the last years he really understood better than almost anyone including ourselves our range and what each board really does and where it belongs. So it was only a matter of time before Rick asked Bert.

How would it be if I wanted: The outline of the SKATE, the performance of the FLOW, the rocker of the ACID, and most important the tail of the SPEEED.

Well… A lot of people asked that same question. And this is the result …



Just wanted to report in on a morning at Sombrio with the Creek.
First time in the water.
Totally easy transition but a different center point as related to the  Handle. And yet this board is so much faster. Turns so much quicker. Overall performance times two. Its so much more responsive. Had to back off of standard aggression on frontside turns as everything is so much easier.
What a morning!
I almost didn’t go up because of the crappy surf report. So glad I did. Firsts was completely clear with head height to overhead. Two or three double overhead moments. Glassy walls.
Thanks for getting it over this week. Made my day.”   – Tyl Van Toorn, Vancouver Island.
This board comes in a wide range of lengths and shapes. Feel free to reach out to us here at Norm Hann Expeditions to chat more about this board and the incredible range of surf boards, race boards and expedition touring boards!.


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