A Review of the Sunova Skate

A big thanks here to guest reviewer Neil Gilson from Bearfoot Performance Paddle for this short and sweet review of the Sunova Skate.

We are looking forward to heading out to Canmore to work with Neil for our SOAR River Camp June 19th. If your in the area and looking for some high level flatwater or river instruction send Neil an email to get out on the water.

The Sunova Skate

Length: 8’6″

Width: 30 3/4″

Volume: 124L

Weight: 8.8 Kg (19.36 lbs)

Designer: Burt Berger

Thoughts from Neil

“Ok – it’s time. Time for my review of the Sunova 8’6 Skate! I have spent a bunch of time on the Skate now – some in Tofino and a month down in Costa Rica. My review in short – love this little board more and more all the time!

First of all – she’s gorgeous. (and I outfitted her with some classy stickers). However the Skate is more than a beauty! Moving to a smaller board like the Skate, it took me a while to figure out how to get positioned for paddling out. As it turns out, a slight stagger stance fore and aft of the balance point works just fine. The Skate is fast paddling out, knifes through the whitewater, and holds direction with minimal correction. Stable enough that I can readily use an offside stroke and save switching sides too much. So for paddling out – very good!

I’ve been surfing small – up to chest high – beach breaks down here at Dominicalito, Costa Rica. In 2-4 foot surf the Skate is SO fun! Fast to accelerate. Easy to catch waves. Turns so quick and yet has a ride as smooth as glass! You just sort of look where you want to go and it seems like the board drives itself there! So fun!

The Skate picks up virtually any wave you are lined up for. And then surfs it! And by that I mean you can take off on an angle, ride the shoulder, drop down, cut back. And even after the whitewater breaks behind you, this little board takes off and you can even carve that stuff!  In a word the Skate is fun! It has really helped my surfing technique and understanding – it performs when you perform. But it doesn’t crush you if your skills are new or rusty! For a lot of the time in the summer months this would be a perfect board for in and around Tofino.

Earlier today I was fortunate to line up a 4-5 foot face and carve along the lip, slide down on the face, back up, back down and into a little bottom turn, and then back up along the crest staying ahead of the break. That wave went right to within a couple board lengths of shore before it broke under me and I rode the pile up the beach and settled her gently into the sand. That’s my Sunova Skate – just pure fun!”

Thanks Neil!! If your looking to get into any of the Sunova Surfboards products please contact us here at Norm Hann Expeditions and we will be happy to help you out! “There is nothing like a Sunova”


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