Outpost Lodge- Salmon Fishing Haida Gwaii

This week I am back up at the Outpost Lodge working for my good friend and Lodge Manager, Ken Beatty. The Outpost Lodge is remotely located on the west side of Graham Island. I flew up yesterday to Masset and then helicoptered in to the westside. It is great to be back in Haida Gwaii, this is the third summer that i have come up as a relief guide. Fishing has been spotty(for the Charlottes) but we had a good morning bringing 4 chinooks to the boat with the biggest being 25lbs. The northwest wind really came up today so we will be sticking close to home this afternoon. Really good crew of guys to guide with up here……..Boat 4, Lefty, McLovin, Bedside Ben, PorkChop, Jappy. I am here till Monday the 26th and then back to Squamish. Everyone has to visit Haida Gwaii at some point in their lives. I am hoping to return next May for Standup4GreatBear: Haida Gwaii.


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