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2023 Used Sunova Expedition

2023 Used Sunova Expedition Touring Board in mint condition.

Badfish Flyweight

This super lightweight inflatable was awarded Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award!

Blackfish Andaman 520 Adjustable

The Blackfish Andaman 520 Adjustable carbon paddle. The perfect blend of weight and flex.

Blackfish Nootka 520 UD 3 Piece

The Blackfish Nootka 520 UD 3 piece travel paddle.

Blackfish Nootka 520 UD Adjustable

The do it all Blackfish Nootka 520 UD.

Blackfish Paddles Steersman Adjustable

Our 2 piece adjustable paddle. 

Blackfish Paddles Steersman Travel

Our 3 piece travel paddle. 

Broughton Archipelago Board Rental

Our 5 day Board Rental for our Broughton Archipelago Expedition.

Expedition Journal

Plan your expedition and journal your experiences.

Great Bear Coffee

A delicious dark roast coffee for wild coastlines.

Great Bear Oracle Cards

Oracle Deck Cards – Messengers from the Great Bear Rainforest