Blackfish Paddles Steersman Travel


Our 3 piece travel paddle. 


The Steersman is the ideal blade shape for touring, surfing, or river paddling. It has been well tested and proven to be one of the best all around paddles on the market. This 3 piece travel blade is both light and durable and comes in Blackfish’s unique Fishskin technology. This paddle is a really good choice if your looking at flying or travelling with your inflatable as you can break this paddle down into 3 pieces and put them into your inflatable travel bag. 

This is a paddle that has a design deep in story, history and coastal legend and is a partnership between Norm Hann Expeditions and Blackfish Paddles. These paddles can only be purchased through Norm Hann Expeditions and showcases the incredible artwork of Cash Bo Smith and Roy Henry Vickers in combination with industry leading construction and design from Blackfish Paddles. Ten dollars from the sale of each paddle goes to the Standup4Greatbear Society for the awareness and protection of the Great Bear Rainforest. These paddle are shipped in their own nylon paddle bag, a company wide initiative by Blackfish Paddles, instead of  using plastic for wrapping.

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Key Features

– 520 cm2 blade size for quick and effortless turn over

– clean entry and stable catch phase due to proven teardrop design

– Blackfish Paddles proprietary adjustment system 

– ABS rails to provide durability 

– Fishskin Blade (fibreglass with a highly durable top sheet) 

– ergo handle with 12k carbon filament

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