Blackfish Nootka 520 UD Adjustable


The do it all Blackfish Nootka 520 UD.


This is a fantastic paddle to pair with your inflatable or touring board and combines durability, efficiency and price point. The Nootka design is Blackfish Paddles best selling design and a great all around paddle for oceans, rivers and lakes.

Key Features:

  • High performance that is cost effective
  • Available in 520 cm2.
  • Clean entry and stable catch phase due to proven design
  • 8 degree blade to shaft angle
  • ABS rails to provide durability
  • Carbon & texalium blade.
  • The clamp on the adjustable shaft is unique to Blackfish; designed not to crush the shaft but to hold it securely in place without damaging its integrity.


Local pick up in the Sea to Sky area or ask about a shipping quote.