Paddling in Belize: Why I love Glover’s Atoll

I am excited to be heading back down to Belize again for our 6th year running paddleboarding trips with Island Expeditions. Last year was our first year paddling out at Glovers Atoll.

This trip is a little bit different than our Coral Islands Trip. The highlights for me are:

  •  Paddling on an atoll, one of three in Belize. Glover’s Atoll is a Unesco World Heritage site, one of the richest marine environments in all of the Caribbean. This atoll sits another 45 min boat ride off the barrier reef where our Coral Islands trip takes place and is absolutely spectacular.
  • Wilderness Tent Base Camp with sunrise yoga sessions to start the day. The base camp gives me more of a family and team feeling to the experience with our small group numbers and outstanding staff. The Island Expeditions Team out at Glover’s is incredible, all of them are really special people.
  • The opportunity for some paddle surfing if the wind swell conditions line up. This environment allows for some really good sup skills building and if your and experienced paddler you will enjoy the challenge.
  • I enjoy the cultural depth to this trip. Guests take part in a fun, cultural night of dancing and drumming. The Belizean guides, lifelong fisherman, dive and catch local food like lobster and conch. One of my most memorable experiences on Glover’s was actually not paddling it was diving and hunting the west wall of the Atoll. We caught our food, and then brought it home to have it cooked up by the amazing women in the kitchen. A very unique experience.
  • Glover’s basecamp is a great spot for families. I was happy to have my partner Jen and our five year old son Kiel there last year and it was really well set up for a family experience. The staff were phenomenal with Kiel and it was safe, environment for Kiel to enjoy and learn in.

These are just a few of my highlights out there. All I can say is that Glover’s is a very unique experience and if you have already done our Coral Islands trip you would love it out here. We are running a 3 night 4 day trip from Feb 2-5th and then our 4 night  5 day trip. We have details on the website and you can reach out if you have any questions about the trip.

Here are a few of the shots from last years trip.

“Miami Beach” south end of Glover’s Atoll
Our Wilderness Tent Base Camp
Jackie enjoying the magnificent waters of the atoll.
Our top notch Belizean guides, Rue, Budge and Byron.
Kiel enjoying his own board.


Joanna Rainer
November 4, 2019
Roo, Norm and Budge - world's best guides.

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