8 Reasons Squamish is the Best Town For Adventure

“SQUAMISH IS A SMALL TOWN in British Columbia, about an hour north of Vancouver. It’s a town that many visitors pass right through without even realizing, as it’s on the way from Vancouver to Whistler. If you’re into outdoor adventure, skipping it would be a huge mistake. I spent a few days in Squamish and quickly realized that almost any outdoor activity that you can think of can be done there.” – Jessica Devnani

Norm Hann Expeditions was excited to get a mention online with the Matador Network as the #3 reason for our stand up paddleboarding tours on Howe Sound.

#3 You Can Try Out So Many Water Sports

“Squamish is located at the top of a scenic fjord area known as Howe Sound. The area where the Squamish River flows into Howe Sound is known as “The Spit”. The geography of this spot creates very windy conditions, which make it perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. A little further down, the calm scenery of the Howe Sound harbor make it a beautiful place for stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking. I gave stand-up paddle boarding a shot for the first time with Norm Hann Expeditions. Once I got over the initial fear of falling into the freezing cold water, I was able to relax, paddle my way around, and enjoy the surrounding scenery.”

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