I am really excited to announce our new coastal conservation project we are working on for 2012. It’s called Standfilm. Our goal with Standfilm is to bring additional awareness to the threat of oil tankers on our coast and in the Greatbear Rainforest. The film will be shot and produced by Anthony Bonello of B4Apres Media, and Nicolas Teichrob of Dendrite Studios. The film will highlight our upcoming standup paddleboard expedition this summer to the magical islands of Haida Gwaii and will showcase the First Nations students of Bella Bella and their board building project, plus a surf trip lead by coastal waterman and professional surfer Raph Bruhwiler of Tofino, BC. We are looking for financial support and you can click on the link to see our fundraising campaign and all of the great things you can bid on to help us accomplish our goal.

Click here to help support our STandfilm project.


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