Another Great Standup4Coffee

Well the Standup4Coffee SUP run from Squamish to Brittania for coffee at Galileo sure has been getting popular. We had another good crew hop on board this past Friday. New to the SUP crew were Monte Thompson, Diana Mauriks, Alison Wald, Todd MacAllen and Peter Fritz, with Squamish SUP Crew regulars, Lance McClure, Ron Ens, Carla Fuhr, Rich Rawling, and Nichole Murray. Again we had really good conditions but this time we had a little bit of an outflow wind combined with a pretty strong current coming from the meltwaters of the Squamish. So with a dropping tide we moved along efficiently and as we got around Watts Point heading into Brittania the current eddied back on us. That, combined with the outflow chop provided slightly more challenging conditions to practice standing on our SUP’s. Some like Longboard Lance took advantage and surfed the outflow chop while others like Pirate Pete went into discussions with Laird.

It took our group an hour and forty minutes to hit the beach in Brittania. We could smell the coffee coming from Galileo so we portaged our SUP’s across Hiway 99(most dangerous part of the trip) and spent the next 30 minutes, chillin like Bob Dylan with our morning brew……..great people, great morning. Thanks everyone for a wicked start to the weekend.


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