Sunova Expedition


Norm Hann’s go to expedition board.


An Expedition Touring Board for Exploring Your Coastline

I designed this expedition touring board in partnership with Sunova Surfboards. It has been built to explore coastlines, lakes and rivers and is a stable and efficient board that you can load up with overnight gear to take you on your next adventure. I have put thousands of kilometers on this board and it has been tested extensively fully loaded along the outer coast of British Columbia’s rugged shoreline where it has proven itself to be capable in all conditions. With its simple and timeless design you will also enjoy paddling this board on day tours, training runs and relaxing sunrise and sunset paddles.

Board Features

  • Parallel rail design allows for more stability with a narrower profile
  • Built with light and strong Paulownia Wood
  • 6 attachment point on the nose and 6 on the tail
  • Sturdy grab handle that acts as an additional attachment point
  • Nose and tail handle for ease of carrying, even fully loaded
  • Single touring fin
  • Flat deck for ease of movement and surfability
  • Rockered nose for surf, downwinding and rough water
  • Bo Smith designed Steersman crest
  • Comes in 12’6″ and 14″ lengths




Additional information

Board Size

14' x 30", 14' x 28.5", 14' x 27", 12'6" x 30", 12'6" x 28.5", 11' x30"