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Sprout Spirit Bear 12′

Sprout Surf’s exceptional touring and expedition sup.

Sprout Spirit Bear 12′ Demo

In collaboration with environmental SUP activist and founder of Standup4Greatbear, Norm Hann, we set out to create an exceptional touring and expedition SUP that can handle almost any condition, a board that can go the distance, carry a big load and and get you to those faraway, amazing places. Beyond function, we designed the Spirit Bear to inspire. The graphics tell a story of a promise to protect the land and the waters.

This complete package comes with a removable dolphin fin, dual action pump, and a rolling travel bag / backpack. $20 of this sale will be donated to Standup4Greatbear.

Length: 12′ | Width: 31″ | Thickness: 6″ | Volume: 299 L. | Weight: 21 lbs

The SPIRIT BEAR 12′ is recommended for:
Novice Paddlers: up to 270 lbs (122 kilos)
Intermediate Paddlers: up to 290 lbs (132 kilos)
Advanced Paddlers: up to 310 lbs (142 kilos)

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Steersman Adjustable

 2 piece adjustable ideal blade for touring, surfing, or river paddling. 


SU4GB Trucker

Standup4Greatbear Trucker designed by Roy Henry Vickers.

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Sunova Norm Hann Eco Expedition

Explore the your coastline with Sunova’s Norm Hann Expedition Eco Touring Board.