NSP Touring FS

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Your next adventure awaits with NSP’s 12’6″ Touring Inflatable

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Travel easily and carry all your gear and essentials on your next long-distance water journey. Touring inflatables are designed for longer paddle adventures, where an extended length and reduced width make for an effortless gliding experience.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
12’6″ 30″ 6″ 325L 10.8kg (total weight 17.2kg)

Ready to Hit the Water

Additional Information

Why a Touring FS?

The NSP Touring FS is designed for extended SUP expeditions. Secure everything you need underneath the cargo straps on the front, nose or both, and never look back. A neoprene handle on the nose allows you to easily handle the board as you walk though shallows, while a D-ring on the front helps securing the board in seconds.


With 12’6? and a sharper silhouette than conventional inflatable shapes, the Touring FS tracks better. This, in combination with its lightweight construction allows you to cover more distance with every paddle stroke.

The recommended pressure of 15 to 18 PSI is easily achieved with the provided double action pump and is perfect for consistent glide.

Convenient handling

Carry yours inflated over your shoulder, thanks to some well-placed D-rings for a shoulder strap. Or casually roll your premium backpack through the airport, on the way to your next destination – quality polyurethane wheels at the bottom of the bag make sure you can bring your Touring FS wherever you go with ease.

Features Include:

• Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
• 2x standard accessory mounts to load up your GPS, camera or drink holder
• 2x cargo straps on nose and tail to load your gear
• 3x neoprene carry handles
• Neoprene paddle holder on tail
• D-rings on nose and tail to tail off or anchor
• Square groove thermoformed deck pad for extra grip
• Attachment points for shoulder strap
• 9” Hybrid fin
• Bravo double action pump
• Super deluxe dual compartment backpack
• Premium polyurethane wheels on the backpack