Dates: See Booking Page for details.

Location: Squamish, B.C. & Comox, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Time: 9:00 – 4:00pm
Price: $225+ gst

Paddle Canada Instructor: Tina Currie: Squamish Neil Gilson: Comox

Pre Requisites

  • Basic Flatwater SUP Skills OR equivalent experience. This is not an introductory course and does require that you have some flatwater or touring experience.

What to Know

  • The course content is equivalent to the Paddle Canada Advanced Skills Certification course and can be considered a prerequisite for those who are interested in becoming certified Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddle Basic or Advanced instructors.  
  • General course itinerary – we spend the morning and early afternoon working on skills at our meeting location before heading out on a short return tour where we start to put everything together and broaden our scope of skills application and experience out on the water 

What’s Included:

  • Paddle Canada Flatwater Instructor
  • Paddle Canada Advanced Skills Certification upon successful completion
  • Forward stroke video analysis


Board, Paddle, leash and PFD rentals are available for $50

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Learn to paddle like Pro

Expand your SUP horizons, become fluid with your paddle and one with your board! Our SUP Pro Skills course is where you can take your paddling to the next level. Use this full day session to sharpen up your entire suite of technical paddling skills including a powerful and efficient forward stroke, stroke combinations, the use of various foot stances, pivot turns, and bracing. These advanced Pro skills serve as your foundation for open water touring, downwinding, surfing, or running rivers and tidal rapids, and are essential for aspiring SUP instructors.  

Get on board now for this fun, full day of training that includes dryland and on-water instruction, forward stroke video analysis, and plenty of personal feedback and paddling practice built around our strong foundation of water safety, group management and etiquette. You will leave the course as a more competent and confident paddler ready to take on whatever new challenges or adventures await you, with more success and satisfaction. 

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What to Bring

  • Paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • Leash
  • PFD with whistle
  • Wetsuit/Drysuit for immersion and rescues
  • Neoprene Booties
  • Neoprene Gloves
  • Towel
  • Bring a change of warm clothes including a waterproof shell and mid layer.
  • Lunch
  • Water/Tea/Coffee
  • Snacks