Dates: Explore Tour dates will begin April 1st, 2023

Price: $50 + gst

Guide: Neil Gilson, Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer and Expedition Guide

Location: Comox/Royston/Union Bay/Deep Bay,  Vancouver Island

Time: 2 hrs (weather and water condition dependent)


  • Paddle Canada Instructor
  • SUP Rentals available $40.

Pre Requisites
Our Salish Sea SUP Intro or equivalent experience is required for our Explore Tours.

Connect to your paddling community and explore your coastline on the Salish Sea. 

Whether you are new to stand up paddling or new to the ocean environment it pays to get a good solid start with an experienced guide. Our Salish Sea Explore Tour eases you into coastal exploration through a series of morning tours navigating the many incredible areas we have in and around the Comox, Royston, Denman Island  the traditional waters of the K’omoks First Nations. 

Our Salish Sea Tours are two hours long featuring a focus on ocean safety, skills, and developing the knowledge and experience necessary for sound coastal decision-making. But that’s just the start. Our coastal explorations strive to help you deepen your connection to our ocean environment, and enhance your awareness of coastal history and cultures. Sharing our experiences and discoveries with each other encourages new perspectives and a deeper appreciation for our wild coast. 

To join one of our Explorer Tours you will need to take our Salish Sea SUP Intro before signing up. If you have already taken the intro course, or our Intro to Stoke course out of Squamish, then you can sign up for any of our Salish Sea Explore Tours throughout the season.

We look forward to sharing the incredible waters of the Salish Sea with you and your paddling partners.

Paddling Gear

  • Inflatable or Hard Touring Board appropriate for touring (if you have a surf style board it must be outfitted with gear tie-downs)
  • Paddle
  • Vest style lifejacket with whistle
  • Leash
  • Drybag for day trips.

Other Gear

  • Neoprene top or summer wetsuit for potential immersion (early season)
  • Neoprene Booties or other water/paddling shoes
  • Towel
  • Bring a change of warm clothes including a waterproof shell and mid layer.
  • High energy snacks
  • Water/Tea/Coffee as desired
  • Sun glasses (and straps), sunscreen, sun hat (hopefully needed!)
  • Waterproof phone case/camera.

Rentals: If you are in need of a touring board and gear we can arrange rentals for you.