Training Dates: Coastalfit runs every saturday starting November 6 and running until December 11th.

Location: Squamish Paddling Club

Start Time: 9:00am but subject to change based on wind and weather.

What’s Included

  • 12 week paddle specific training program by endurance coach Jen Segger.
  • 30 day online daily durability program by Sarah Jamieson of Movelution.
  • 6 on water coaching sessions with Tina Currie of TLC.

What to Bring

  • Board, paddle, leash, PFD with whistle.
  • Proper training clothing and footwear.
  • Extra set of clothes/towel
  • Water/snacks/thermos of tea or coffee.
  • Training watch.


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Our CoastalFit  program is an opportunity to get a strong start on  your paddling off season with a specific fitness and training focus. This six week training program brings together three of Sea to Sky’s top coaches who have specifically designed a paddling, mobility and training program for you to follow in order to build strength, aerobic capacity and paddling technique.

The CoastalFit Program includes:

  • 6 One hour on water coaching sessions with Tina Currie of TLC.
  • An twelve week paddle specific training program designed by endurance and nutrition coach Jen Segger
  • Daily durability program designed by Sarah Jamieson of Moveolution.

Our on water sessions will allow you to train with your Coastal Stoke community and will be a fun and focused way to stay in shape and get CoastalFit. We are looking forward to having you on the water and training with you!

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