SU4GB Trucker – Black/Camo


Standup4Greatbear Truckers designed by Roy Henry Vickers.

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Our Standup4Greatbear Wool Hats are designed by Roy Henry Vickers and they come with message.

“The face in the center represents those who are willing to make a stand for our mother earth. The circle represents the cycle of life and the overlapping circles that continue through our lives. The spirit bear represents the natural world and reminds us that what we do to this world affects all life in this world. The tree represents life and the forest that depends on our actions. The bear tracks remind us of a life’s journey and, in the grand scheme of things, it is short. What we do makes a difference in the world, the tracks we leave can lead others to stand up for truth, beauty, and strength of our ancestors.”

All proceeds donated to the Standup4Greatbear Society for the protection, awareness and education of the Great Bear Rainforest and our coastline.

Black Cotton Visor & Crown/Army Camo Mesh

  • Structured flat visor high crown 6 panel
  • Cotton twill inner sweatband
  • Roy Vickers Designed Crest
  • Standup4Greatbear Inner Tab