Last summer Explore Magazine covered our exploratory SUP trip to the GreatBear and so this year we brought 5 excited guests up to experience the coastal temperate rainforest. Joining us on our first commercial SUP expedition was Lance McClure, Diana Mauriks, Jamie McVicar, Todd Allen and his partner Stephanie with Jen co guiding and looking

Hey everyone. I am looking for two more people to come along on my upcoming and first ever commercial SUP trip to the GreatBear Rainforest. STANDUP2theGREATBEAR “A standup paddleboarding journey of awareness, education and inspiration.” August 23rd-29th, 2010 BE FIRST: This is the first ever commercially guided stand up paddleboard (S.U.P) trip to the Great

Well the Standup4Coffee SUP run from Squamish to Brittania for coffee at Galileo sure has been getting popular. We had another good crew hop on board this past Friday. New to the SUP crew were Monte Thompson, Diana Mauriks, Alison Wald, Todd MacAllen and Peter Fritz, with Squamish SUP Crew regulars, Lance McClure, Ron Ens,